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Science of Self-Regulation




60 minutes


About the Course

This session focuses on understanding the science of self-regulation. Participants will outline their individual sensory profile and explore evidence-based strategies for grounding yourself and maintaining calm. Activities & discussion are around neuroscience of emotion processing, healthy emotion expression, regulation techniques and building supportive communities that encourage awareness, mindfulness and understanding.

Learning self-regulation is helpful for anyone of any age. This workshop is generalized for an adult population, and is designed to be inclusive, meaning encouraged for neuro-typical, autistic and special needs populations alike. We all benefit from interacting and learning from each other. Please remember to be kind and supportive with your feedback.

These facilitated group discussions are a safe space for people with similar circumstances to discuss the unique challenges, frustrations, joys and insights that occur within their group. Ground rules include no dominating the conversation, no shaming, respect for all, and confidentiality. Groups often find a cathartic and heartwarming balance between vulnerability, shared humor and support.

Note: If you are interested this workshop for an adolescent or a child, please message me and we can schedule a youth-focused session.

Your Instructor

Audra Olazabal, PhD

Audra Olazabal, PhD

Doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology. Autism Educator & Advocate. Play, Creativity & Parenting Expertise.

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