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Macguyver Construction Challenge




60 minutes


About the Course

Each workshop will offer a new building challenge. Use recycled materials and what you have at home to construct your project over the hour. Talk with fellow builders while working, get help problem solving, and see how your interpretations and final products vary.

This is a great way to socially engage with others remotely, and to advance your building and problem solving skills.

We ask that all participants come prepared to engage constructively (pardon the pun) with the activity. This is a safe, supportive atmosphere to play and build. The goal isn't to "win" the challenge so much as it is to enjoy the creative process with other like-minded people.

Creative expression is enjoyable and valuable for anyone of any age. This workshop is generalized for an adult population, and is designed to be inclusive, meaning encouraged for neuro-typical, autistic and special needs populations alike. We all benefit from interacting and learning from each other. Please remember to be kind and supportive with your feedback.

Note: If you are interested this workshop for an adolescent or a child, please message me and we can schedule a youth-focused session.

Your Instructor

Audra Olazabal, PhD

Audra Olazabal, PhD

Doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology. Autism Educator & Advocate. Play, Creativity & Parenting Expertise.

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